7 Tips for Shrimp and Fish Tank Location

7 Tips for Shrimp and Fish Tank Location

Location is everything when it comes to aquariums and many people have a lot of questions about this topic.
In this article, we will outline the key factors to consider the best place for your new shrimp or fish tank in your home. We will plan carefully to be sure that the location you select is the one you like the most.

It may sound like a very obvious thing, but when you put some mind into it, you might be really surprised how many details must be taken into consideration.
Unfortunately, the best viewing place is not the best spot for the aquarium. An overall the aquarium is a delicate eco-system which can be destroyed if you do not follow some rules.

Once a shrimp tank has been filled with gravel, water, live rock, decorations, plants and so on, it becomes really difficult to move. We do not want to disassemble the tank every time we are not satisfied with the location because it can be extremely stressful not just for your shrimp but for you as well.
OK, let’s start from exact places and then we will talk about the requirements for a good spot.

Danger Zones to Avoid Putting Your Tank

  1. Bathroom, Smoking Room etc
    There are just too many chemicals in the air, which can quickly destroy your ecosystem. These are “No Go” places.
  1. Garage
    Of course, it also depends on where you live and the climate zone. In some cases, actually, it can be the only place to install a large tank due to its size. Nevertheless, in general, this is not the best place, but if you decided to go with this choice anyway, remember that without proper insulation and climate control your aquarium will get heat issues in the summer and hypothermia in the winter.
  1. The Center of a Room
    There is too much risk to hit it by accident. Also, your aquarium stand must be super safe for that (we will talk about it a little bit later).
  1. Dirty and (or) Dusty Rooms
    Dust and dirt are not your friends in the least. Keep your tank clean and your shrimp will live a long and happy life.
  1. Unstable surface
    There is no need for explanation here. Even a small 10-gallon shrimp tank can weigh about 130 – 150 lbs. Do not let it fall. You will be extremely lucky if it does not break anything or harm anybody.  Safety comes first.
  1. By the Heat, Air vents, or Next to a Fireplace.
    We have already touched on this subject. All of it will affect the temperature in your shrimp tank. Ideally, temperature fluctuations must be excluded at all.
  1. On Top of Electronic Equipment.
    Spilled water will cause a short circuit. Even if you are extremely careful, it is just a matter of time before it will happen. When you are dealing with water do not expect to stay dry.

What you need to do or take into consideration beforehand.

1. Tank Measurements

First thing first, you need to know what size of the tank you want or already have. Be sure to write down the exact measurements to ensure the required space is available and it can fit there.

2. Double Power Outlets and the Tank

Keep in mind the extra space is needed for cords and filters to power outlets. Location is often limited to where there is a power outlet running. An extension cord to your tank and other equipment is never a good idea.

3. Sunlight is Your Enemy

Stay away from such thing as sunlight. Never put your tank in a place where it will be under direct sunlight, even if it is only for a brief amount of time. The reason is that direct sunlight will raise the temperature of the water and shrimp are very sensitive to these types of changes.

Direct sunlight also causes massive algae growth, which can cause a number of problems for your tank. Take into consideration that doors, windows, heaters, and air vents can also change the temperature of the water in your tank as well. It will be a good idea to cover your aquarium in some way during the daytime.

4. The Noise Issues and the Tank

Tank equipment such as filters, air pumps, and so on usually makes some noise. Keep it in mind, especially if you are a very light sleeper, in this case, your sleep room should not even be considered as a location of the tank.
Although some filters and air pumps can be quieter than others, they all still make some noise. So if you think that this might disturb your sleep, work or studying, well, in this case, you will have to find another place for the aquarium.

5. Stands, Surface, and Storage for the Tank

In some cases, your aquarium can come with a stand if you buy it like a package deal. If it is your case, you are lucky. It is very convenient because the stand will hold not just the tank but all your supplies as well.
Nevertheless, when you are about to put the stand be sure that whatever you decide to use can hold the weight of the tank.
In most cases, 40-gallon or smaller tanks have a lot of placement options and it’s generally okay to use tank brackets for them. Of course, it’s possible to put larger tanks on brackets if they are placed in a good structural location.

I would like to remind you that a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. So a complete hundred-gallon system can easily weigh over a thousand pounds!
We are all living in different homes and you will have to evaluate your floor (or a wall) to support the shrimp tank.

Another consideration to think of is what kind of surface you have on your floor. For example, if you are going to have a saltwater tank some surfaces can have issues with that (like wood or a carpet) when you spill water on it (and believe me you will spill some). Think it through beforehand.
Make sure that the surface is also 100% leveled. You don’t want imperfections in the leveling.
Storage of your supplies can also become messy if they are not organized in one place. It is better to keep them near your tank anyway.  Supplies must be kept dry and clean in an easily accessible place near the tank.

6. Convenience and Accessibility

You need to be practical. You should not put your tank somewhere where it will be problematic to reach. Keep in mind that you are going to have to do routine water changes and lots of maintenance work. It is really common to spill some water all the time and make a mess around while doing it. That is why it would be really nice to have a sink nearby although it is not that necessary.

Make sure that you will have enough space to perform your routine maintenance duties like water changes.
Also, almost every tank offers access only through the top. So in order to make maintenance, it should be placed at or below eye level. When you enter the room with the tank you should be able to see straight into the tank.  If the tank is settled too high or too low, it looks awkward as well. 

7. High-traffic Areas and Children Rooms

A high-traffic area of your home or in your office is a bad place to put your aquarium full of awesome and expensive shrimp. Shrimp can be easily caught off guard causing them a lot of stress. In some cases, they can even jump from the tank because of that.
It is very easy to stress shrimp. Remember that stress kills shrimp the most often. Try to avoid it at any cost. That is why children’s rooms are not good as well. There are too much running and noise for your shrimp.

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