15 Top Coldwater Aquarium Plants

Coldwater aquariums plants are generally considered plants that that can be easily maintained at least at room temperature without an aquarium heater. Basically, in the aquariums, their water temperature should be just about the standard room temperature or slightly lower. Such aquariums can be regarded as unheated aquariums; they feature temperatures ranging from 61 – […]

How to Anchor Aquarium Plants? Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Some aquarium plants need to be anchored so that they don’t float around your aquarium. In other cases, they may need to be anchored to make sure they properly root so that your aquarium can have a healthy, thriving ecosystem. In any case, there are many ways to anchor the plant. For example, we can […]

How to Choose Aquarium Plants for Beginners

It’s commonplace to see some bit of greenery stationed in an aquarium resulting from the cultivation of live aquarium plants. These live plants are typically beautiful and delicate, and they offer a lot of benefits to the aquarium and the critters therein. Aquarium plants recommended for the experienced; intermediate and advanced aquarists tend to differ […]

Paludarium Plants

Today, I will be talking about the diverse types of plants suited for paludariums, but first off—what is a paludarium? The term “Paludarium” stems from the Latin words ‘palus’ which means swamp or mash and ‘–arium’ which refers to an enclosed container. Having said that, paludarium is a type of vivarium that involves a mix […]