About me

About me

Hey everybody, my name is Michael.

I’m a hobbyist who loves taking care of all kinds of aquarium invertebrates. On this page, you will learn a little bit more about my background and why I started aquariumbreeder.com.

Why invertebrates?

The answer is very simple – because they fascinate me!

Like most other aquarists I started my journey with fish until I found out about shrimp keeping like 5 – 6 years ago. This is where my obsession began! I quickly understood that shrimp and snail are the best friends, therefore, they became my favorite tank members. It is pure fun to watch them. 

From freshwater to saltwater, from tiny nano-tanks to massive home aquariums, I have seen it all.

Since then, I have kept and bred lots of shrimp, snail, crab, etc. species such as:

I want my articles to help both beginner and experienced aquarists keep healthy and successful invert tanks.

What else can you find on my blog?

  • Detailed guides about invertebrates in our aquarium and paludariums (shrimp, crab, crayfish, snails, scorpions, mantis shrimp, praying mantises, etc.).
  • Detailed guides about plants in the aquarium.
  • How to set up your aquarium (Detailed articles with tips).
  • How to maintain the aquarium.
  • Questions about fish, shrimp, crab, crayfish, snails, etc. compatibility.
  • How to choose the right tank equipment.
  • How to decorate (aquascape) the aquarium, etc.

Here you will find not only well-sourced information, but examples from our actual experiences of keeping invertebrates – from huge freshwater tanks to small nano reef tanks and everything in between.

How I Write Articles

Every single article on aquariumbreeder.com is researched, planned, and edited by me.

In all my articles I refer to personal experience, the experience of one of the best shrimp and fish keepers, and especially published studies.

Published studies take a huge part in my articles. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Our hobby is very young compared to fish keeping. As a result, there is not enough trustworthy information. In many cases, it can be totally wrong!

On multiple occasions, my research showed that current information was incorrect. Unfortunately, most websites and aquarists repeat old facts without analyzing them anymore. However, I do not take anything for granted. I need to know the details and this is what you will get here.

Frankly saying, in the beginning, I also had some failures since I did not know much about keeping a shrimp tank healthy, but I was determined to learn.

I do believe that if we are buying any aquatic pet (fish, shrimp, crabs, crayfish, snails, etc.), we have to take responsibility to create at least a natural environment for them! Unfortunately, in the lack of information, people often cannot do that. Eventually, it affects animals and slowly weakens them.

That is why you will see a lot of references to published studies in my articles. First of all, it will let anybody to check this information for themselves. Second, it also reminds me where this information was taken.

I try to deliver the best, most trusted advice when it comes to starting or growing our hobby.

Regarding the recommended products and Links

When relevant, I can recommend specific products throughout my articles. I need to stress it out that all of the products that I recommend are products that I have personally tested/used or I would personally use myself.

In some cases, you will see that my usage of the product can be different when recommended by the manufacturer. If so, you will also find the proper explanation of why I do it this or that way.

I do get a small commission when products are ordered through links on my site, I will never recommend sub-par products in exchange for payment.

Although I have received lots of offers, there are no sponsored posts, links, or recommendations on aquariumbreeder.com.

To make it even more transparent, all my links have a different color:

  • Links to Amazon (deep green).
  • Links to my other articles (deep blue).

In conclusion

More than anything, I want aquariumbreeder.com to be a place that my readers can trust and learn from because I do share all the things I know about these wonderful creatures.

I also believe that my mission is to grow this hobby that we all love so much and help others run successful aquariums and enjoy them for years to come.

If you have a question about me or anything on this site, please make sure to reach out!

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