How to Choose Aquarium Plants for Beginners

It’s commonplace to see some bit of greenery stationed in an aquarium resulting from the cultivation of live aquarium plants. These live plants are typically beautiful and delicate, and they offer a lot of benefits to the aquarium and the critters therein. Aquarium plants recommended for the experienced; intermediate and advanced aquarists tend to differ […]

Paludarium Plants

Today, I will be talking about the diverse types of plants suited for paludariums, but first off—what is a paludarium? The term “Paludarium” stems from the Latin words ‘palus’ which means swamp or mash and ‘–arium’ which refers to an enclosed container. Having said that, paludarium is a type of vivarium that involves a mix […]

Crystalwort Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and Propagation

Riccia fluitans or floating Crystalwort is a member species of the liverwort genus Riccia which is famous for its use in aquascaping Nature and Iwagumi aquaria. This plant packs moss-like characteristics, thus it can serve as an alternative to the popular and versatile aquarium plant “Java moss”. Riccia fluitans is a bright green floating plant […]

Tasmanian Crayfish Profile. The Largest Crayfish in the World

I’m not sure anyone would behold the Tasmanian giant crayfish without making comments on its bizarre look and whopping build that surpasses the size of every other known crayfish— after all, this species is the world’s largest crayfish. The Tasmanian giant crayfish is equally noted as the largest freshwater crustacean/invertebrate on earth, and it can […]

Scuds In Shrimp And Fish Tank

Scuds (or side-swimmers) are small shrimp-like invertebrates belonging to the family Gammaridae. The choice of keeping or eradicating them in shrimp, fish, or planted tanks has been a popular controversial topic on online forums, and Facebook groups over the years. On the one hand, these little bugs are amazing algae eaters and clean-up crew; they […]