Red Moss Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and Propagation

Caloglossa beccarii is an exceptionally beautiful red algae that aquarium enthusiasts begin to use as a decorative plant. Due to its resemblance to moss, it is often referred to as Red moss. Being algae by nature, Red moss is quite hardy and adaptable to various water parameters. This makes it relatively easy to maintain even […]

10 Slow-Growing Plants in the Tank

When it comes to aquariums, there’s something truly captivating about the plants. However, as time goes on, many aquarium enthusiasts encounter a common challenge—the frequent need to trim and prune their plants. As a result, some of them start to consider slow-growing plant options. There are several well-known slow-growing plants, such as Anubias, mosses, and […]

Monosolenium tenerum Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and Propagation

Monosolenium tenerum (previously known as Pellia endiviifolia) is a very controversial plant with an interesting history. On the one hand, this is a very easy plant to grow because Monosolenium tenerum doesn’t require a substrate and can thrive in a wide range of water parameters. Therefore, it can be recommended for beginner aquarists. On the […]

15 Top Coldwater Aquarium Plants

Coldwater aquariums plants are generally considered plants that that can be easily maintained at least at room temperature without an aquarium heater. Basically, in the aquariums, their water temperature should be just about the standard room temperature or slightly lower. Such aquariums can be regarded as unheated aquariums; they feature temperatures ranging from 61 – […]