Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) Profile and How to Remove

Cyanobacteria, commonly known as “Blue-green algae or BGA”, can be a common issue in aquariums. Generally, cyanobacteria appear as slimy, greenish-blue, or blackish mats that cover surfaces in the tank. Cyanobacteria are very resilient and can be hard to deal with since they require a minimal set of conditions for survival in the tanks. Nonetheless, […]

How to Remove Red Algae in Aquariums

Red algae refer to the group Rhodophyta, which includes notorious types of algae such as Black Beard algae and Staghorn algae. The problem though is that these common names do not necessarily refer to specific algae species. So, in some cases, other species of Red algae may appear in our aquariums, which may have similar characteristics […]

How to Remove Brown Algae (Diatoms) in Freshwater Tanks

The brown algae (also called Diatoms) are one of the most common problems that many aquarists experience in their new tanks and/or, in some cases, even in already established freshwater tanks. Luckily, these algae should not cause you any problems. Many experienced aquarists do not even worry about brown algae and leave them alone, so […]

How to Grow Algae for Shrimp

Let’s skip the introduction and get right to the point – how to grow algae for shrimp. In a nutshell, algae require a wide variety of chemical elements and specific conditions for growth and reproduction where light imbalance and light imbalance (specifically nitrogen and phosphorous) play the most important role. Even though the process may […]